Huffington Post Censored ME For Telling This Story About The Trump Russia Affair

Grant Stern
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“The Dossier and its contents are mostly real,” said Democratic Coalition Senior Advisor Scott Dworkin.

Those are the eight words I quoted that caused Huffington Post to censor my column — not just yank a single story — so I am publishing the entirety as originally seen there . More about Huffington Post is below this original, factual report which is pretty much intact below from original publication except for style and repositioning of the quote under the tweet:

The Democratic Coalition just released a 40-page report, factually confirming more than a dozen major allegations of the Trump Russia Dossier released by Buzzfeed on January 10th.

The Dossier is a work product of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

The Democratic Coalition’s comprehensive report (below) reveals for the first time that Trump hosts a Qatari state-run business in Trump Tower, amongst many factual findings.

Democratic Coalition Senior Advisor Scott Dworkin is set to advise a bipartisan group of Congresspeople next week on his factual findings, which back up the information contained within the Dossier that implicate President Trump in a foreign affair with Vladimir Putin.

His message:

“The Dossier and its contents are mostly real.”

The Dossier highlights a massive privatization deal to deliver Rosneft Oil company into the hands of Putin’s friends, allegedly Trump and his associates, along with a mighty brokerage fee to one of the Trump campaign advisors, Moscow-based investment banker Carter Page.

“A majority of the dossier and its contents are factual,” says the intrepid investigator Dworkin, who began making #TrumpLeaks posts in October. Now, his tweets @funder are seen by 3 million people per day. “The dossier is more real than anything Trump’s ever said. A majority of it is factual and news reports over time have proven some of those facts.”

The key facts involve countries who did participate in the massive privatization deal of Russia’s jewel, its state-run oil company, which left the end ownership of the stake impenetrable by even Reuters.

A Qatari sovereign wealth fund is the known buyer, and they used a Singapore-vehicle to do the transaction, which was eventually financed by an Italian bank.

A Qatari fund was one of the main buyers of Rosneft.

Last April, a Trump foreign policy speech was attended by the Ambassadors of the countries involved in the Rosneft privatization deal: Italy, Russia, Singapore and the Philippines.

“When the dossier became public it generated more questions then answers,” says Dworkin. “Over the the last several months we’ve corroborated the dossier with the facts. The deeper we dig, the more truth we find in it. Just look at the author — Christopher Steele — who is a former MI-6 agent who’s saved more lives than Trump ever has.

“He’s the real person people imagine James Bond to be.”

At the heart of the Dossier is the Russian goal of ending economic sanctions, some of which specifically target Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, who was Putin’s top deputy in government service just a few short years ago in a country where the lines between business and government can be blurry.

NSA Gen. Michael Flynn was fired for discussing Russian sanctions with their ambassador during the transition, which most observers say led Putin to reserve retaliation in some unknown quid pro quo.

Trump relaxed sanctions against Russia’s lead spy agency, the FSB, within two weeks of entering office.

More Pieces To The Trump-Russia Dossier Puzzle Connect

My original report at revealed a major connection in CNN’s interview with a Trump campaign associate, J.D. Gordon, whose story confirmed a major political allegation in the Trump Russia Dossier.

Rachel Maddow confirmed the essence of that report just a few days later and added that Politico linked a participant in the RNC Ukraine policy changes to one of then-Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort’s associates, who is himself a foreign national being investigated by the FBI.

Wikileaks involvement to assist Russia in Trump’s campaign was a key item expressed in the Dossier. Sure enough, new factual data shows that the anti-secrecy organization switched to their web hosting to use a Russian DNS server right before releasing the most damaging email material during last year’s elections.

That means Vladimir Putin has certain knowledge of the physical location of Wikileaks’ servers, and allows their messages to be broadcast using Russian soil.

Rosneft Privatization Deal’s Most Direct Trump Connections Revealed

Nineteen and a half percent of Rosneft’s stock was transferred on December 7th, before the board was informed of the transaction after it took place.

“Carter Page met with Rosneft in December to assist with the deal and he’s on the record admitting it but claims he didn’t meet Igor Sechin,” said Dworkin incredulously. “Really? It must have been a webcast with an intermediary. Everything in the Dossier adds up and it still leaves more questions then answers.”

Amongst other key points explained by the Democratic Coalition, is that the purported buyer in the transaction, Qatar Investment Authority wholly owns one of Trump Tower’s tenants, Qatar Airways.

Qatar pays President Trump an office rent in direct violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments clause preventing federal employees and the executive from accepting any foreign payments whatsoever.

The Trump Russia Dossier describes the Rosneft privatization deal almost exactly, and Putin’s resulting purge of Russian allies and ex-officials looks like the kind of deadly cover up a dictator would apply to erase his friends who knew about the deal.

Dworkin says to expect full confirmation of the report within a week by official sources, or when Steele testifies in front of Congress in person or via remote link.

View the complete Democratic Coalition report here.

Here is an infographic which describes many of the key players in the Trump Russian Dossier:

The End

In Re: Huffington Post

Personally, I’m befuddled by the odd choices of Huffington Post’s editors in the last 24 hours.

Why are they so determined to shut down the comments of the Democratic Coalition?

After five years of blogging at Huffington Post, I’ve been separated from my column after a single 9-minute phone call, cut short in the middle, as I stood on the front porch of my apartment building waiting for a ride.

Huffington Post editor Brian Maygers decided that the above story was “misleading” and that specifically the title was misleading.

Mr. Maygers also decried the work of Scott Dworkin and the 5 full time staffers and 50 contributors at the Democratic Coalition — whose research has formed the factual basis of numerous of my columns, which have been featured in places like MSNBC’s AM Joy and Maddow programs — which came about as the result of my open-source investigative journalism.

He said why should I just “take the word of one guy” and publish it?

Mr. Dworkin is the lead researcher, and an important public representative for the Democratic Coalition, but only the “pointy end of the spear” for a research organization run by the tireless Francesca Lucia, Jon Cooper, Nate Lerner and others.

My blogroll contains no less than seven stories with the Democratic Coalition cited by name in the title, written from last October through this February.

Two feature Mr. Dworkin in the feature image, including one from his appearances on MSNBC TV.

Most of their material is just tweeted out, and I skim from the stream like others could, but do not.

My stories weave a narrative with facts, examine the twelve sides of any problem that a story should seek to explain, and give context with more facts, and they do rely upon some of the exhaustive research of Mr. Dworkin and the many volunteers at the Democratic Coalition.

Really. I do sleep. But when I don’t, I’m probably writing.

I’ve spent countless hours toiling away to write these reports, which form the backbone of the 70+ reports I’ve written on the Trump Russia affair, the dossier.

A book is in the works, it will be called #TrumpLeaks.

I guess Mr. Mayger didn’t like (or understand) the serious facts of this story are not circumstantial.

They are confirmed.

I have organized and analyzed the fact in a way to allow a reader to draw a conclusion by following the sources to the facts.

The facts in my story are about following the money, and the real life financial events that took place, which precisely parallel the findings of Christopher Steele’s Trump “blackmail” dossier.

Reuters reports that the country of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund bought a huge chunk of Russia’s state oil company and Qatar’s airline — a state-owned entity — has an office in Trump Tower as what I considered a major find in the story.

Alone, the Qatari airline office is a foreign emolument of the kind which has caused CREW to sue President Trump for violating the Constitution.

The Emoluments Clause forbids any president from accepting rent payments from a state-run airline — let alone from a state enterprise which just did a massive transaction with a sanctioned Russian oil company.

There’s another, more important implication that any person should draw: that Qatar via its lease in Trump Tower, obtains the benefit of instant access to America’s President-elect, to his family, his very home, and out of the view of the public.

They had that access for months before the inauguration, while a Turkish Foreign agent, who was on the payroll of a Russian state-run enterprise became our National Security Advisor.

Normally, the National Security Advisor is one of the few officials with nearly constant, instant access to the President.

Now that includes an oil-rich Gulf Arab state Qatar, which many consider a sanctuary state for terrorists, or at least a good place to visit because its official terrorist list has no names on it, who “lives” in the Trump Tower.

That is to say; Qatar uses their sovereignty like any other country, to their own benefit— but this is America and we want our President to be free of links to foreign powers — and as we’ve sadly observed, he is instead in a virtual marriage with the official wings of other countries in the US.

None of this seemed to be relevant to Huffington’s editor.

The phone call dropped, I was cut off in mid sentence during a passionate, and heated discussion about these issues.

I emailed Mr. Maygers asking for a call back.

Seven minutes later, instead of a return phone call, this landed in my inbox.

As one may imagine, I’m always happy to make detailed responses to any written queries.

But after five years of blogging, the above is what Huffington Post doesn’t want me to share with you.

They graciously returned the contents of my drafts folder, and that’s that.

It just makes little sense to me, why as a journalist, I couldn’t convey the earnest opinion of a DC political operative, whose research has always been factual, in a fact laden report bearing their names as the source of one message, a message which I wouldn’t share if I didn’t reach the same conclusion, but independently and through a dogged search for the truth:

The Trump Russia Dossier is real, because it outlined a political angle to a massive privatization sale transaction which has already happened.

So. So long Huffington.

I too wish you best on your reporting.

And better on treating your writers like human beings.

Or at least like you’d wish to be treated were you in our shoes.

Nobody likes to be censored, least of all by a publisher who isn’t paying for the content.

If Huffington Post is more interested in feeling right, than publishing facts, the news outlet to which I freely contributed all of these years, is no longer a place of free thought, nor of respect for the truth.


Here’s a video explaining the facts in this story.

Read the rest of my stories about Trump’s Russian connections here:



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