A Miami-Dade Commission candidate took ‘invisible money’ from 2nd Amendment group linked to state GOP

Right: Miami-Dade Commission Candidate Raquel Regalado. Left: The UPS Store location of the Foundation for America’s Families in West Palm Beach, Florida.

“It might be something from Tallahassee,” said Raquel Regalado on the phone while claiming there were bigger checks in this PAC from others in this last report.

There are not.

This summer, the Foundation for America’s Familie cut a pair of large checks to Regalado’s Citizens for Excellence in Miami-Dade Government chaired by Roland Sanchez Medina.

“Voters will have a clear choice, my opponent who tries to hide her support by gun groups, or myself,” says her opponent Mayor Cindy Lerner, “who is supported by the organizations and elected officials who are dedicated to fighting against the impact of sea-level rise in our county and for equality for everyone.”

After asking her if she knew that a storefront foundation headquartered at a UPS Store just made a massive donation to her campaign, Raquel Regalado temporized rapidly, saying “Rolando Sanchez-Medina deals with it, he’s a Democrats.” She then pointed out that she and her opponent shared a couple of other donors in common, but didn’t address the substance of my question any further.

The illustrious headquarters of the Foundation for America’s Families since 2015

Excerpt the Foundation for America’s Families 2018 IRS form 990 showing their mission statement.

Since 2005, the IRS website for nonprofit tax filings shows that FFAF has only filed a single return for the 2018 calendar year.

Considering its long history and only having a single tax return filed puts the Foundation for America’s Families prospectively behind its filing for the tax years 2015–2017. With nothing on file for 2019, it means that nobody knows what the FFAF has been doing, or who is donating to the group over most of the most recent five-year period when it has been active.



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